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Where to stay in Cape Town?

Best places to stay in Cape Town

When it comes to beautiful views, Cape Town offers some of the best choices for accommodation in the world (for a small city!). Whether you are looking for a sea view, city view or mountain view, we have it all – and often you can even have all three at the same time!

Cape Town is so unique in its offering of such excellent accommodation in close proximity to the CBD, yet also within spitting distance of areas of outstanding natural beauty. A morning hike, a day at the beach or dinner in a world class restaurant are all right on your doorstep.

Cape Concierge specialises in luxury accommodation options, whether it be a private fully catered villa, an exclusive villa that is self catering or a unique guest house or hotel – we will book the accommodation that best satisfies your Cape Town holiday desires.

Our favourite areas to holiday in Cape Town are;


Clifton beach is BEAUTIFUL and WIND FREE,  with the azure Atlantic Ocean infront of you and Lions Head and the 12 Apostles as your backdrop. The houses are low key, right on the beach while the Clifton apartments we offer are convenient with most having a drive in car parking space and lift access. Stay at one of our private Clifton houses and enjoy uninterrupted sea views and the luxury of direct beach access. The only warning is to be prepared to access these gorgeous holiday homes via the beach steps (not so favourable for the elderly as there may be up to 40 steps to the house).  For couples looking for Clifton beach accommodation, then you might prefer a beautiful apartment with lovely terraces overlooking all four Clifton beaches, parking, lift access and a shared pool.

Quick facts for a Clifton villa rental;

  • Exclusive
  • Wind free (protected from the prevailing South Easter wind)
  • Private villas and apartments
  • Uninterrupted sea views
  • Sunset facing
  • Mountain back-drop
  • Walking distance to Camps Bay, Bantry Bay and a slightly longer walk to Sea Point (the beach road here is perfect for those who enjoy a run / walk along the sea)
  • Often requires walking down the beach stairs to get to the houses
  • We recommend booking a house with a parking space or using uber as the beach road gets quite full in terms of parking in the peak months (December – February)
  • There are no shops in Clifton – you must go to Camps Bay or Sea Point these.


Camps Bay has typically been tourists no.1 holiday destination in Cape Town due to it having both the enormous beach fringed by palm trees and the famous Camps Bay strip, offering a good variety of bars and restaurants. There also happens to be a very healthy supply of private villas to rent in Camps Bay – most with great mountain and sea views. Camps Bay offers convenience, buzz and energy. A stroll to the beach and a bottle of rosé at the Bungalow or Caprice is more the order of the day. Camps Bay is also good for families with young children as there are no steps to the beach and refreshments are on your doorstep. The only downside of Camps Bay is that it can be incredibly windy and exceptionally busy over Christmas and New Year. The best time to stay in Camps Bay is outside of this very peak period (20th December – 4th January) and in the summer months when the wind is less frequent February – March.

Quick facts for a Camps Bay villa rental;

  • Good choice of villas in most price categories, with great sea / mountain views
  • Enormous long beach, fringed with palm trees and the 12 Apostles mountains as its backdrop
  • Convenient and lively strip of restaurants and bars, tourist wares etc
  • Close to the CBD (just 10 minutes over the mountain)
  • Can walk to the Clifton beaches
  • It can be very windy (choose a villa less affected by the wind or avoid Camps Bay until the winds start to ease off from February)
  • Tourists love Camps Bay so stay here if you want to be in the holiday tourist ‘vibe’!


We also love Fresnaye for being one of the lesser know ‘Atlantic Seaboard’ private villa locations but it still has so much to offer! Fresnaye is protected from the wind so is the perfect place to enjoy calm, warm evenings outside at your villa. The houses typically have amazing sea views and are quite high up on the mountain for that added ‘ wow’ factor. It is a residential neighbourhood – quieter then Clifton and Camps Bay and has some impressive modern houses. Sea Point is on your doorstep for the convenience of shopping, restaurants and also the ‘Prom’, the beloved Sea Point Promenade. Clifton is also just a few minutes away for your days at the beach.

Quick facts for a Fresnaye villa rental;

  • Protected from the wind
  • Excellent sea views, and views over Sea Point
  • Not perfectly sunset facing, but just about so you will still enjoy beautiful sunsets. Sunset facing in the winter months.
  • Beautiful houses (typically more homely then the straight rental houses in Camps Bay)
  • The private villa rentals are mostly better value then you will find in Camps Bay/Clifton
  • Convenient location, close to Sea Point, the beaches and the V&A Waterfront


Bantry Bay lies between Fresnaye/Sea Point and Clifton and offers a little of each. Better value then Clifton, and possibly the most wind protected of all, enjoying around 290 wind free days a year. Bantry Bay lies on the slopes of Lions Head and overlooks the more rocky part (but equally stunning) of the Atlantic Ocean coastline. It is an affluent area popular with both Internationals and locals. Bantry Bay has some lovely private villas to rent but also some modern, spacious apartments.

Quick facts for a Bantry Bay villa rental;

  • Wind free
  • Located between Sea Point and Clifton, which means you can walk to both (but not pay the high prices of Clifton)
  • Sea Views
  • Most houses are sunset facing
  • Convenient location close to both the beaches, shops and not far from the CBD
  • Bantry Bay has less holiday villas then some areas but has some hidden gems well worth finding!


We love Constantia for many reasons – one of them being the extra space you get for your money. For the same price you will pay for a small beach house on the coast you can get a very spacious house, large garden, swimming pools that are more generous in size and mountain views. Constantia is the perfect place to holiday with your children and most of our private villas here are extremely child friendly with beautiful children bedrooms ready to go and all the toys they need to keep occupied. Constantia is very ‘green’ in comparison to the Atlantic Seaboard and has a slower, more relaxed pace. We would recommend staying in Constantia if you have young children, want to be close to some excellent wine farms or would rather rent a villa away from the busy tourist areas. You lose the sun earlier then on the Atlantic Seaboard but sometimes that is no bad thing after a hot day by the pool.

Quick facts for a Constantia villa rental;

  • Good value for money
  • Spacious houses with large gardens and swimming pools
  • Child friendly villas
  • Many excellent wine farms if you are into your food and wine
  • A feeling of being somewhere more tranquil and ‘green’
  • Good local restaurants
  • Around 20 minutes from the CBD
  • 20 minutes from gorgeous beaches (Llandudno is one of the closest or Muizenberg, which is the best place to learn to surf)
  • Excellent hikes close-by
  • Kirstenbosch gardens also close-by

Other areas we also love to recommend are;


Wonderful beach accommodation. Away from it all, stunning sea views. One of the very best beaches in Cape Town – but the water is cold! There are no shops here so if you pop to Llandudno for the day bring refreshments.

Bishops Court

Creme de la creme of ‘country living’, yet only 15 minutes from the centre of Cape Town and the local beaches. Outstanding spacious houses, rented at a premium to its neighbour Constantia.


We highly recommend a few days in Franschhoek. The quaint town is absolute heaven and you can spend forever trying out all the wine farms and award winning restaurants. It is stunningly beautiful at the foot of the Hottentot Mountain range and showcases the very best of South African food and wine. Don’t forget to visit the friendly neighbours of Stellenbosch and Paarl which also have excellent wine farms.

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