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The South Africa water crisis

Please note:

Cape Town has been receiving plentiful rain over our winter months and dams are now 100% full, as at August 2019. We still remain cautious of our water consumption as with any areas around the world with lovely long summers!

Advice to help keep water consumption down;

  • Take one short shower per day
  • Save the luxury of a bath for when you are back at home
  • Re-use your towels and be content with one linen change per week
  • Take a dip in the ocean to stay refreshed
  • Never leave the tap running
  • Only run a dishwasher and washing machine that is full
  • Tourists to Cape Town only account for 1% of water consumption. Please do not feel that coming to Cape Town will negatively impact the situation. Cape Town thrives (and needs) the tourism industry and we would very much like to come and experience our city that is still in full operation. We simply ask you to do as the locals do and save where you can.

Cape Concierge comment on the water crisis for the Independent newspaper in the UK.
Cape Concierge interview with Michel Martin at NPR radio in the US regarding our water restrictions.
Cape Concierge comment for CNN Travel on the water crisis.

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