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Nina | Cape Concierge
With 100% occupation rates this December / January in the properties we manage, we are on the hunt for new gorgeous properties in Cape Town! Please get in touch if you have a property you would like us to rent out for you.

We know that managing your properties around the globe can be a slight managerial headache. While you are in one place, you do not want to be sorting out problems in another place. And equally, when you arrive in your home you do not want to spend the first week getting things back to the way you like them.

And so… We give you the gift of time! We want you to arrive with everything in order, just as you like it. Whether it’s a flying business visit or you are here to enjoy the summer in Cape Town, let us pick you up from the airport and prepare the house for your arrival. Your favourite wine can be chilling in the fridge and the pool glistening to perfection ready for your first dip!

Please see the list of services that we offer. We can tailor your needs to a package that will suit you – and we of course welcome enquiries for any service not on our list.

We also offer a holiday rental service for your property where we will promote, market and manage all bookings and change-overs for you.

AIRBNB: We run a small portfolio of Airbnb properties. Please contact us if you have a property you would like to rent out via airbnb but would like someone else to manage the process. We can take care of all your airbnb admin!

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